Considerations For Using Baby Carriers

1. Load-bearing capacity: Born to 2-year-old baby (3.5).

2. Please do not face the baby to the back, must adopt a face-to-face posture with the mother.

3. Use of this strap only applies to sitting, standing and walking.

4. Please check the buckle carefully before using this strap to adjust the strap to the comfort level of your baby.

5. For the comfort of your baby and the use of time should not exceed 2 hours, and do not eat in the baby after 30 minutes of milk to use, so that the baby is not comfortable.

Expert reminder: Baby Back bag do not use more than 2 hours to take the baby out of the door is not an easy thing, the baby back bag is often used by mummy one of the "tools." Experts say that the baby in the 0-3 months, the neck muscles are not well developed, not very good support of their own head, so the small head is always rickety, this phase of the mother hold the baby must be held in his hands to the head. However, holding the baby, the mother's arm is not 10 minutes will be sour, at this time the baby back bag will come in handy.

In addition: the best use of the back bag should not exceed two hours, because the weight of a long time carrying the baby, mother's shoulder and back will be sore. When using a back pocket, it is best not to give the baby too much clothing too thick to avoid the baby's limbs can not be free activities.

The use of baby straps has allowed more and more parents to save their hands from the situation of holding their children. But not long ago, the federal Consumer Product Safety Board warned that baby straps and back pads could cause asphyxia in infants and should be carefully chosen and used.

Generally, 4 months under the baby, because the skeleton is too soft, it is best not to use braces, otherwise it will affect the baby's bone development. can use the towel, using the front-back type, so that the baby "lying" in the towel, parents with both hands can be held. This will not only make the baby more comfortable, but also help parents save effort.

Baby straps can be selected for babies over 4 months. But 4-6 months of the child, the neck muscles are not well developed, not very good support for the head, so it is best to use the front-back. 6-10 months of the baby, not very good to sit alone. Babies over 10 months old can use the back style. However, both the front and back, parents should observe the baby at any time to avoid the risk of extrusion. Also remind parents, choose the strap first to pay attention to the reliability, strong wear is the first condition. Second, look at the pins, all the stitches should be meticulous, in the interface and the subject, need to double line.