Baby Carriers Function Introduction

1. Generous and comfortable shoulder strap design, lighten mother's burden.

2. The use of cotton cloth, soft and comfortable, the bottom of the use of mesh fabric permeability good.

3. There is head pillow and neck protection plate, can be replaced with the age of infants.

4. This strap can be changed 6 kinds of use method, respectively is the front hug type, the horizontal hug type, the back type, before the hug can use the head pillow to also be able to cover the protective belt, also may replace the two cross protection belt.

The back pocket of the market has many brands, but the function is similar. There is a posture, there are many kinds of posture. Select the back pocket, must personally check the quality, because it is used to carry the baby, must be strong to load. Do not have to choose the expensive international brand, to choose the multi-functional can sit.