A Few Things About Using Baby Carriers

1: Mother first put the baby next to the waist level of the plane, and then will have chosen a good strap to wear themselves, will strap buttons and straps are buttoned up.

2: Then put the baby carefully into the straps inside, to pay attention to the baby's head, and then the straps are tied back and forth, the strap on all the buttons are buttoned well, do not take too tight also not too loose, to let the baby is carrying straps will be very comfortable.

3: After everything is ready, MOM can safely put the baby back up.

Recommended for more than 4 months to use the strap

4-6 months of children: front-back

At this time, the baby's neck muscles are not well developed, not very good support for the head, so it is best to use the front-back type, so that the baby for parents, to facilitate timely observation of the baby's status, to avoid the risk of choking on the strap squeeze mouth and nose.

6-10 months baby: front-back

At this time the baby is not very good to sit alone, using the front-back, but can make their faces outward to meet the baby's curiosity about the outside world.

Baby for more than 10 months: back style

Tip: Both the front and back, parents should observe the baby at any time to avoid the risk of extrusion.

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