Children Backpack

Children backpack‘s exterior design is animal-shaped, the design is realistic, cute, and loved by children. Lightweight waterproof material and handle for easy access to sunglasses, reflective strips, thick mesh coasters, waterproof inner pockets with moisture-proof zipper pockets, cute shape, very practical.
The extrordinary details and durable materials make this children backpack the perfect packaging anytime, anywhere! The mesh side pockets are adjustable for juice boxes, straw cups or water bottles. The front pocket is ideal for snacks, including extra pencil pockets and other travel essentials. Comfortable padded shoulder straps make it easy on small shoulders!
The spacious main compartment of the children backpack stores children's toys, diapers and other things. Protective zip and adjustable shoulder strap, zipper with rubber coating, so small hands can get good grip. The shoulder strap can be easily adjusted to fit your baby's height. If your child likes animals, they will like this backpack. It's great as a surprise birthday or holiday gift. Its zipper mouth is large, so your child won't have any trouble filling this backpack or digging into what it finds.
The children backpacks we offer are very bright, so if you are looking for a backpack that will make your child more visible in the Disney world or department store, then this is the ideal choice. You can buy the quality and customized children backpack. Our factory can offer good product for you to wholesale. We are the best children backpack suppliers in China, you can buy our product to meet your need. Welcome to contact us.
1. The back pad has a pit pattern: There are pits to help dissipate heat and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders.
2. Light weight: Made of neoprene, light waterproof. In addition, it does not have too many metal buckles or metal zippers, and will not cause damage to the back.
3. Shoulder width: Helps reduce the stress on the shoulders of the bag and evenly distributes the weight of the bag. A padded shoulder strap reduces the strain on the trapezius muscle.