What is the neoprene material?

What is the neoprene material?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber foaming body, white and black, black more commonly used, delicate, soft, elastic, shock proof, insulation, elasticity, impermeability, and so on.

Product function 

1. Protect products from wear and tear; 

2. The material is elastic, reduces the impact to the product damage; 3. Light and comfortable, can also be used alone; 

4. Fashion design; 

5. Long term use is not deformed; 

6. Anti-dust, anti-static, anti-scratch; 

7. Waterproof and impermeable, can be cleaned repeatedly.

The place where the diving material is widely used:

The neoprene materials are widely used in the fields of children's knapsack and children's shoes and so on, diving clothes, sports protectors, body shaping articles, gifts, thermal insulation cups, fishing pants, shoe materials and other fields, and can replace natural rubber for making tires, rubber shoes, rubber pipes, adhesive tape and other general products.