What are pouch sling for carrying baby?

Good baby straps spread the baby's weight pressure evenly.If the pressure is concentrated, the baby will not be comfortable and the parents will be tired.The right baby carrier to support baby's head upright, and higher straps fabric, you can see the baby's face, his mouth and nose are not covered by infant carrier, will not be your body and clothes to cover your mouth and nose.

Is particularly important for newborn, the head support, because the baby just born head control ability is very weak, so when choosing a baby carrier also need corresponding to the baby's development and body coordination.

Note, don't give baby choose to have their body bent into a C type baby carrier, the carrier may let the baby head bent forward, chin to the chest in this form will block the baby's windpipe.

Different baby carrier sling have different levels of back strap comfort.Comfort here is not only for the baby, it is for my mom, is convenient to wear belt, straps tightness is comfortable, the baby is easy to enter, and whether you use comfortable.

baby ring sling

This kind of baby carrier for newborn is very convenient for the mother to breastfeed.However, the consumer product safety association of the United States (CPSC) advises children under 4 months not to use the baby straps.The baby is too small to be fixed easily, and its face is likely to be blocked by a strap, which puts the baby at risk of suffocation.

Baby carrier

The newborn baby holder allow the child to sit facing outwards or inwards.If the child sits outside, the parents' body will feel more pressure and the parents will be more tired.Parents who sit in front of their child can observe the child's condition in a timely manner, and the baby can rest his head on your chest with a support.It is recommended that you wait until your child is 6 months old before using the straps.

baby carrier backpack

This kind of back strap is commonly used in Europe and the United States. It is usually used when parents take their children hiking or mountain climbing.Children on their backs are less supported.But because the child behind, we always focus on the children, so children such as bigger then use this backpack straps, had better be after one year old, no earlier than 6 months at the earliest.Parents can measure their children's developmental status.