What is childrens animal backpack?

It has always been a topic of public concern to "Reduce the burden" On kids animal backpack. Do you know how heavy kids backpacks for school is?According to an article in the american journal of life, a backpack is best not to weigh more than 10% of the wearer's weight.

A study of nine grade students by the american physiotherapy association found that heavy backpacks and incorrect backpacks can cause back injuries and muscle fatigue in teenagers.

Researcher mary ann wilmarth said the weight of a child's backpack can cause back, side, forward or twisted spines.

At the same time, muscles can get tired from extreme stress, and the neck, shoulders and back are vulnerable.if a backpack weighs more than 10 to 15 percent of a backpack's weight, the damage to the body she recommends keeping the weight of the backpack below 10 percent of the wearer's weight.

The american physiotherapy association recommends that children use a backpack with both shoulders.experts say the backpack's weight can be spread between two shoulders to reduce the likelihood of distortion.

In addition, it is very important to place the goods in the bag reasonably. The heaviest goods are placed close to the back.


The development trend of children's animal backpacks

With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption level, various kinds of luggage and bags have become indispensable accessories around people.people demand that luggage and bag products not only in practical, but also to expand the decorative.

According to the change of consumer taste, the material of the bag is more diversified.leather, pu, polyester, canvas, cotton and hemp, etc. Are leading the fashion the same time, in the times that more and more flaunts individual character, contracted, restoring ancient ways, cartoon and so on all sorts of styles also caters to fashionable personage from different flank make public individual character demand.the style of bag is also extended from traditional business bag, schoolbag and travelling bag to pen bag, zero wallet, small fragrant bag and so on.the price is also increasing, and the materials are becoming more and more novel!

Many schoolbag manufacturers have begun to focus more on the backpack bearing system, considering that students go to school with more books and various kinds of learning equipment, and many of them are relatively heavy, making it difficult for students to carry them.schoolbag need not not do not do not have, but a lot of backpacks on the market are more traditional kind, the most obvious is carry not decompression, and more easily break, and a lot of schools and parents appeal to a few businessmen when designing backpacks, hope to start from decompression aspect more, the second is to improve quality.

Childrens Animal Backpack