What is best portable diaper changing pad?

One, how does darling red buttock do

The baby's red butt is mainly caused by the urine soaking of the baby's buttocks, which is caused by long-term dampness. Therefore, when changing diapers, mothers should put a portable changing pad under the baby's can't wash your hips with soap.


Keep your skin dry

If the temperature or room temperature permit, the diaper changing mat can be placed under the buttocks, allowing the buttocks to be fully exposed to the air or sunlight, 2-3 times a day, 10-20 minutes at a time, generally 1-2 days can restore the red buttocks.


2. Change the diaper timely

For the light red buttock that is local skin dampness only, should keep buttock clean, dry, accomplish to change wet diaper in time, even if it is one-time diaper also should change regularly, cannot stipulate mechanically 8 hours change.


3. ointment

If local skin flush and rash, can besmear disinfection cod liver rash if there is broken, can use zinc oxide ointment or mercurochrome cod liver oil.if the local skin erosion or skin peeling, inunction cod liver oil zinc oxide paste.if there is a secondary bacterial infection, can irrigate with 1:50 00 potassium permanganate, blot, then coated with 1% to 2% of methyl violet solution or 0.5% neomycin zinc oxide paste.

In oil and daub ointment, should stick cotton swabs on the skin gently rolling, and cannot besmear to brush up and down, so as not to aggravate the pain and can lead to the peeling.


4. Wash your little farts frequently

Use warm water or 4 percent boric acid water every time your child defecates or changes diapers. Drain and apply some vegetable can't wash your hips with soap.

Best Portable Diaper Changing Pad