What are multifunction baby diaper bag?

Multifunction baby diaper bag is specially designed and produced for the convenience of taking care of babies and toddlers. The supplies of infants and mothers are put into the bag in different categories to provide convenience for mothers to take their children out.


Material of waterproof diaper bag

Professional mummy bag fabric should be used as a main ingredient, the product not only should meet the national suitcase industry class standard, considering the health of the baby, the use of materials, especially the fabrics, also must pass the national textile product basic safety technical specifications "Of formaldehyde, fastness, ph value, such as testing, ensure the security environment of mummy bag material itself.

The appearance of the mummy bag should be fashionable and generous, in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern mothers.


Origin of waterproof diaper bag

Mummy bag is with the constant improvement of the standard nursery in modern society has come into being, is fully adapt to the market needs to produce bags derivatives, the emergence of the mummy bag and the conception of modern parenting, parenting thoughts and closely related to parenting habits change, is the inevitable outcome of the childcare industry development.


Classification of diaper bag tote

Mummy bags can be divided into four categories: Single shoulder, double shoulder, oblique satchel and portable.

1. The single shoulder is suitable for the mother and baby to spend a short time outdoors. The main advantage of the shoulder is to liberate both hands and make it more convenient for the mother to take care of the baby.

2. Double shoulder backs are suitable for long and deep outdoor activities of mother and baby, for example, the whole family travels for more than one day.the main thing about the double shoulder is that the weight is distributed evenly over the shoulders, reducing the sense of load.

3. Oblique satchel not only suits mother's back, but also suits father's back, natural and free back method, very fashionable and convenient.

4, portable suit fashionable mother, fashionable mother takes baby to go shopping outside, make mother again convenient and fashionable.

In addition, double - shouldered mummy bag capacity is large, can satisfy the mother baby long time out of the need.carrying a handbag is not a big part of a mother's bag because it takes up her mother's hands to take care of her baby.


Internal structure of the interior of the mummy bag to clear space design, essential to the place appointed for each baby travel supplies, insulation bottle bottles, milk powder, diapers, clothes, cleaning supplies, and so on independent area, so that the mother take put and classified.


Functions of diaper bag cartoon

The main functions of the mummy bag should be as follows:

1. It is convenient for mother and baby to travel.

2. Clear separation of internal structures.

3. Comprehensive function and large capacity.

4. Adjustable: Able to hang any pram/bed to meet various needs.

5. Fashion and beauty.

Multifunction Baby Diaper Bag