What are function of baby carriers for newborns and infant?

Characteristics of baby carrier

infant carrier design, the baby sitting comfortably, to avoid causing O legs, special set abdominal cushion, the mother is comfortable to use.

Simple safety buckle design, convenient and practical, cotton shoulder straps soft and comfortable, not easy to damage the skin.

Suggest the most appropriate USES sitting before, first of all, will protect the abdominal pad according to the figure will fasten belt, then held the baby in his arms, and then will take the card at one end of the left armpit on the right shoulder, then fasten safety clasp, and make sure all safety buckle has fasten, adjust good shoulder pad can be used.


Super wide and thickened v-shoulder straps: the v-shoulder straps can reduce shoulder load when held upright.

Full-round head protector: it can protect the baby's head safely.

Soft cushion: the new horizontal embracing design, adding a soft cushion between the waist can gently protect the baby's waist;

Arc-shaped head guard: it can support the back of the baby's head. It can avoid bending or unnecessary pressure when holding horizontally.

Protective cap: it is easy to disassemble and install, protect the unstable head, and have the function of shading the sun, so as to avoid direct stimulation of the baby's eyes by the sun.

Size adjustment and training: it can adjust the shoulder depth of the back strap to match the baby's physique.

Buckle ring: single touch back button, easy to operate;

Belt: made of nylon, the advantage is that it is strong.The solid length is 92CM, and the length of the ribbon that can be extended is 44CM

Safety clasp and side clasp: because the safety clasp and side clasp are easy to operate, the baby can be easily carried up and down the back strap even when holding the baby directly.

Breathable materials: the abdomen and buttocks use breathable materials, ventilation comfortable.It is a kind of back strap that lets a person fondle admiringly, material object is more luxurious and generous, superhuman spirit baby back strap, smart and beautiful fashion good mummy best choice.


Washing instructions of cheap baby carriers

Please use mild detergent to clean.

2. Please put the straps in the dry place to avoid the straps from getting wet. Do not use bleach to avoid the baby's allergy.

3. Do not place the strap around the fire or outside the house. Parts or other parts of the ribbon will deteriorate in case of water or heat, and then accidents will happen.


Matters needing attention of child carrier backpack

1. Bearing capacity: babies born to 2 years old.

2. Please do not face the baby to the outside dorsal support, always adopt the posture of face to face with the mother.

3. Use this strap only for sitting, standing and walking.

4. Before using this strap, please carefully check whether the buckle is fastened and adjust the shoulder strap to a comfortable level for you and your baby.

5. For the comfort of you and your baby, the use time should not exceed 2 hours, and please do not use it within 30 minutes after the baby has finished milk, so as to avoid the baby from being uncomfortable.

Baby Carriers for Newborns and Infant