What are baby carriers baby holding bag?

Parents should pay attention to safety before using baby front carrier:

1. For infants under 4 months, single shoulder straps or baby braces are not applicable

When the baby is in a good mood, try out the new infant baby carrier

3. For the first time, please ask your family to help

4. Make sure that the baby's head and neck are adequately supported because the neck and back muscles relax when the baby is asleep.

5. Carry the baby on the back or remove the straps on a safe and stable surface

6. Use the mirror to observe whether the position behind the back of the baby is comfortable, and then check whether the buckled shoulder strap, belt or buckle is safe and elastic.

7. Observe the baby's activity at all times, so as not to let his temperature overheat or over cold

8. Avoid the baby's hands touching dangerous objects, such as cooking utensils and fans

9. Make sure the baby has adequate sun protection, such as applying sunscreen lotion, especially on the head and hands and feet

10. Do not jump, run or do shaking movements on the back of the baby to avoid injury to the baby's brain, neck and back

Bend your knees when picking up low items

12. Do not use a strap when riding a vehicle with a safety belt


Make sure your baby is breathing unimpeded, especially with a shoulder strap:

1. Do not let the baby's body curl up, so as to avoid the chin sticking to the chest

2. Do not place the baby too low

3. The baby's mouth, nose and face are not close to the carer

4. Do not allow the baby's head and face to be covered by the braces, accessories or any clothing or soft objects.

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