Using braces to carry the wrong posture that babies and mothers often make

1: Huai Shan October, once childbirth. Baby in the mother's belly: 10 months, from a fertilized egg to grow into a nearly 4 kilograms of the baby, 10 months, mother has been accustomed to the waist slightly forward bending, with the belly to prop up the baby, bear the weight. Therefore, in the back of the baby with braces, mother seems to be back to the pregnant period will be slightly straighten up the baby's feeling.

2: Because the hands have been liberated, mother's hands can do other things. When you go out shopping, take your baby with you, and when you come back, you may have a hand-held heavy weight in your belly or at some point in your shoulder.

Mother only Way is the hands are liberated, but do not pay attention to the importance of the posture of the baby back. If neglected, then over the long, mother's shoulders, arms and vertebrae will appear excessive strain of the phenomenon, harm mother's body. Use backpack back baby's correct posture should be raised chest, straighten up, let the baby's gravity can be passed through the mother's pelvis to the leg, and should not just shoulder, upper arm to bear the weight of the baby.