Two baby Straps Hills PK Ergobaby

Ergo Baby Strap (hereafter referred to as Ergo) PK Sears back Towel (hereinafter referred to as Greek)

It is rare to send a technical post to the new mom, the expectant mother and the future of the expectant mothers reference

Two straps according to my use of feeling, have to be prepared, each have pros and cons, the common advantage is completely can liberate hands.

First of all, to say that Sears, is close to child-rearing strong push, (I was out of the confinement to do their own, proposed to be ready before living.) Is the baby can use the back towel, completely not negative it "in vitro womb" the title, the baby in the inside with the appearance of a mother in the belly like a hair, (this let me in the pregnant legs mother this has a belly feeling)

The advantage is light, the back is very good, can also be vertical back, you can adjust the height (this point in front of eating and painting when the advantage is very significant, because the baby can be lowered to the lower abdomen position), and the edge of the cloth can be used as a breast towel, in the outside at any time can be breast-fed.

The disadvantage is that the single shoulder is a little tired, (of course, more relaxed than the hands) can not back.

Note: At the beginning of the use of mother needs to practice, the baby and mother are to adapt to each other, the baby will be a bit crying, do not be afraid of the baby posture Strange, the head in the inside is normal, online video teaching.

Ergo is sun the same paragraph, with me one days after the recommendation of the brother, I followed the defeat, (of course, the most important reason is that when the father of the rejection of the back) hills, to their own more confidence with the baby, carrying true not tired, and can be used for the back, men and women. The disadvantage is that the newborn is not very suitable, although it can be used to buy the new baby's blanket, but because the newborn baby is easy to fall asleep, hills in the horizontal hug feel no advantage, and especially from the vertical embrace to the horizontal hug, so feel ergo most suitable is from 10 months later, note that I am the most, (this is the contrary, the greater the more do not apply) In addition, the more ergo wear off step, like my hand stretched to the back of the people, sometimes can't reach the card buckle. In addition, can not adjust the height, go out to breast feeding need to be another breast towel.