The soft cool baby carriers for dad

Dad baby carrier is best suited to china's national conditions to bring her to travel tool, the information provided by the consultant according to the international back towel: Low months baby under 12 months actually only a sling is the safest, because of the slings is accord with human body engineering.

1. Whether to protect the hip, spine and neck

2. Air permeability

3. Negative design adults carry not tired


Type c back: 0~12 months of gradual development

At birth, the baby's spine is in a c-shaped curve, which changes into an s-shaped shape over time. There are four stages:

Stage 1: The entire spine is convex backwards in a c-shape.

Stage 2: The cervical spine will begin to move forward (the baby will raise his head).

Stage 3: The baby's thoracic spine will protrude backwards (the baby will sit).

Stage 4: Baby will forward of the lumbar spine, present s type (baby) begins to walk will stand each section between the spinal cord and spinal disc plays the role of shock, when the baby's body bending, for the development of the intervertebral disc is one of the best.

Therefore, the first point to consider is that the fabric on the side of the back belt holding the baby must be soft to fully fit the baby's spine and provide the baby with uniform support on the whole back.


M-shaped legs (developed gradually from 0-24 months)

The hip joint is connected to the pelvis and thigh bone joints, the acetabulum by baby two years old to be fully developed, if the development is not completely can easily cause dislocation, so in the process of the baby grow, need to pay attention to their position.the longer you stay in the wrong position, the greater your risk of hip dislocation.the younger the baby, the greater the risk of hip dislocation.

1. It depends on whether the load design of the baby carrier saves effort.after all, the baby grows to more than one year old to have more than 20 kilograms, want to carry a baby easily, the carrying load design of the backpack has exquisite.compared with the traditional herringbone, the cross shoulder can spread the weight evenly and the mother with a small frame will be more comfortable to carry.if you can also have a waist brace, it can provide strong support for the lower waist of the bearer, effectively dispersing the pressure on the shoulder back.

2. It should be noted that the material of the baby hiking backpack is summer, the meat is hot, whether it's in the front or the 3d mesh fabric, a breathable fabric, has become a new favorite of the straps in recent years.

Soft Cool Baby Carriers For Dad