The characteristics of baby straps

Back trapezoid design, the baby sitting comfortably, avoid causing o-legs, ad hoc pads, Mom is also very comfortable to use.

Simple safety buckle design, convenient and practical, full cotton shoulder with soft and comfortable, not easy to damage the skin.

Attached front bag and hook, convenient and more use.

It is advisable to adopt the posture before using the strap, first will protect the abdomen cushion according to the chart will fasten the belt, then will hold the baby in the bosom, then will carry the card the one end, by the left armpit to put on the right shoulder, then buckles the security clasp, and the confirmation all security buckle has tightened, the adjustment good shoulder pad can use.

Buckle Ring: Single touch type back buckle, simple operation;

Belt: Nylon Ribbon material, the advantage is strong. The length of the entity is 92CM, which can be used to extend the length of the tape is 44CM

Safety buckle ring and side buckle: As a result of safety buckle ring and the operation is simple, even if in the direct hug can easily let the baby up and down strap;

Breathable material: the abdomen and the buttocks use the breathable material, pass the comfortable. is also a kind of people put down the strap, more luxurious and generous, super popular baby strap, smart and beautiful fashion good mummy the best choice.