Method of selecting waist stool

Waist stool generally 6 months after the baby can be used. It takes a long time to walk or use a baby waist stool when you go out. When using the center of gravity in the waist, you can reduce the burden of the waist. But will increase the burden of the shoulder, security is not as good as baby belt.

If you want to see the stitching is good enough, the shoulder strap is wide, firm and soft. If you have a belt on your waist and chest, it's more convenient to use.

Each use should not be too long

Baby straps are used only as a supplement, usually when traveling is inconvenient or too busy to open the hands, and each continuous use time should not exceed 2 hours. Again, the need for the correct use of baby straps, otherwise not only can not achieve the practical strap should be, but will cause the baby muscle or bone injury, this outweighs the loss.