Is mummy's backpack good or double shoulder?

1. When choosing a mummy bag, first consider the size of the package, according to their height and size to choose, but also to see how many things you need to take each time out, choose the appropriate size.

2, next to consider is the style, is now mostly single shoulder oblique, but some design can be hung in the cradle car or baby stroller above, so that mother can better free hands to protect the baby, but also to reduce the burden of mother, choose when you can carefully weigh. The design of the package style and the internal structure are all very important, the purchase time needs to choose according to own preferences and needs carefully.

3, The Mummy bag enough and pockets sufficient, internal structure clearly. Because this is one of the most important reasons to buy it, whether it is the big mummy bag or usually go out with the little mummy bag, must be enough. Mothers usually go to work or leisure bags, or large or small, are not suitable for baby supplies. The design of mummy package is very intimate, we choose to pay attention to its internal structure is reasonable, the pockets are enough. Because we're going to pack bottles, milk powder boxes, water bottles, cookies, diapers, napkins, small towels, baby's spare underwear or wet pants, and even umbrellas, cell phones, wallets and so on. Only the internal structure of the bag is clear, can the baby's daily supplies clear and tidy, clean and hygienic, simple, easy to use, mom in the face of sudden situation, no longer panic, pull bag to find.

4. The material of mummy bag is better. Many of the mummy's lining is waterproof design, because we carry too many pots and jars, liquids, plus to put the baby's urine wet pants, so in the selection at least one layer is waterproof. Put a variety of bottle bottles of the pocket should also choose to have the effect of heat preservation, go out to find boiling water after the milk is not convenient, sometimes go out to dinner will also carry the baby's tableware, so when the need to use hot water, a role of the Mummy bag can help you save a lot of things