How to wash children's backpacks on sale?

Cleaning method of personalized kids backpacks

Wash your schoolbag by hand

A. Soak the bag in water before cleaning (the water temperature is below 30 degrees, and the soaking time is within 10 minutes), which can make the water penetrate into the fiber and remove water-soluble dirt first.

B and esq are all environment-friendly hand-dyed products. It is normal to have some fading when cleaning. Please wash the dark fabrics separately to avoid contaminating other clothes.

C. Please do not wring the bag dry with your hands after cleaning. It is easy to be deformed when you wring the bag by your hands. You should not directly brush it with a brush or massage it lightly.


2. Washing cute teen backpacks by machine

A. When washing the washing machine, please put the bag into the laundry bag and put it in the washing machine (the water temperature is below 30 degrees).

B. The bag should not be too dry (about 6 or 7 minutes dry) after rinsing (about 6 or 7 minutes dry). Take it out and shake it to dry naturally to avoid the sun exposure.


Cheap kids book bags printing

In a mature schoolbag production process, schoolbag printing is a very important part.

School bags are divided into three categories: Text, logo and design.

According to the effect: Plane printing, three-dimensional printing, excipient printing.

According to the material: Pulp printing, screen printing, foaming printing, heat transfer printing.

Production procedures: Material selection, printing, layout, production and finished products.

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