How to use portable changing pad for diaper bag?

Before for baby diapers in the baby body shop is a large baby changing mat, prevent the baby during diaper changes suddenly pee or poo, to make dirty sheets, and will hand the baby ass gently hold up, one hand to pull out wet diapers.Diaper ready for all the items before, don't put the baby diaper changing pad or bed to turn around to find things, baby don't know which day you learn to roll over, very easy to fall, cause irreparable damage.

Open the diaper cover. For example, a boy may fold more diapers in front of the perineum. For example, a girl may fold more diapers under her buttocks to increase the moisture absorption of special parts.


If using a thin diaper, a special diaper liner can be used to increase moisture absorption.

Fold the front piece of the diaper onto the baby's belly. The length of the diaper should not exceed the navel.

It's different for men and women to wipe their babies' bottoms.On the back of the boy's penis, the scrotum folds and the root of the thigh are hard to rub.The girl should rub backwards and forwards, that is, the perineum to the anus, to prevent fecal bacteria from invading the urethra and causing infection.Girls should pay attention to wipe the root of thigh;Wipe the vulva, gently separate the labia and gently wipe the dirt inside with your fingers wrapped in a wet towel.


Check to adjust the waist of the sticky button fit, loose to mother's two fingers can be put in the appropriate.Then check whether the diaper at the root of the thigh is exposed, whether the tightness is appropriate, and if the diaper is too loose, the urine will leak sideways.

The amount of nappies a newborn USES in one day is about 10. After the first half of life, it will gradually decrease to about 6 pieces, and then to about 4 pieces by the first year of life.Mom and dad can do some stocking up in advance as needed, but calculate the growth rate of the baby.

Diaper rash is a small condition that every baby will have. To prevent and cure diaper change frequently first, keep diaper area dry and clean, especially change immediately after defecation.When needed, applying buttock protection after wiping can speed up the recovery of diaper rash.It can also reduce the symptoms of diaper rash by exposing your baby's bottom to the air for a while after wiping and keeping warm.

portable changing pad for diaper bag