How to use baby slings and carrier?

The best position for a infant baby carrier at 0~2 months

The baby cannot control his head and cannot sit up.

Keep your baby at a kissing distance

The bladder needs to be wrapped around the back of the neck

As his hands were wrapped in his back towel, two fingers were placed under the baby's chin

The legs can be separated at two sides and wrapped if the straps are wide enough.


3 months best position for baby carrier sling

The baby can control his head.

Keep your head close enough to kiss.

Parliamentary legs are kept in the shape of M and placed outside the harness.

Attached his hands to the strap.

At least the straps should reach the baby's shoulder blades.


The best position for a one-year-old baby with a ring sling carries

The baby has perfect control over his head and can sit up alone.

The hand is placed outside the dorsal band.

Parliamentary legs are kept m-shaped and placed outside the dorsal band.


Advantage of baby slings and carriers

Hands are free and light.

With the baby tied together, the requirements for the environment are not high.

If the baby is carried on her back by a person, she can communicate with the baby when doing housework, without delaying doing housework, and will strengthen her feelings for her mother.

Carrying your baby around with your baby holder sling broadens his vision, gives him more access to people around him, and promotes his mental, physical, interpersonal and emotional development.

Placing the crying baby in the front strap allows the baby to feel the mother's temperature and listen to the mother's heart beat can effectively alleviate the baby's crying.If you take your baby for a few more steps, it may not be long before the baby is safely asleep in the harness.

Can hold the baby of low months age very stable.No matter how heavy the baby is, it walks briskly.

Baby Slings and Carrier