How to use baby Carriers for different months of age

3-6 months of the baby is best for adults to sit, both sides of the body contact more, will make the baby very safe. Sleepy can lie in mom and dad in the bosom nap for a while, also can with them "chat", at the same time, mom and dad can always observe the situation of the baby, do well.

More than 6 months of the baby's curiosity and exploration of the spirit of the outside world is greatly enhanced, so should let them face outward in the back pocket. In this way, the baby's vision will become very open, you can see many people and things he has never seen, go out a trip also can let the baby a lot of insight.

There are many kinds of baby back bags in the market, the function is similar, for example, the horizontal hug can let 0-4 months of the baby in the mother's chest reclining, a bit like a breast-feeding posture, the first hug is suitable for 4-12 months of the baby, this posture can be made for the baby mother, but also to let the baby like a kangaroo face outward, easy to broaden the horizons. It is worth noting that it is safer to sit on a bed or chair when you are finished using the back pocket.