How to know comfortable infant baby belt carrier for newborns?

Mammals have about 60 to 90 percent of their brain capacity after birth, but newborns have only 25 percent of their brain capacity, so when a baby is born, it is often necessary to breastfeed and maintain a regular sleep, which can be provided by baby carry bag.

Babies grow up, weigh more and more, and walking or hiking in baby carrier backpack is a great way to get aerobic exercise.

If the baby is born before the due date, use the baby bag to relieve the unreadiness of the baby. The baby will be born before the baby is ready.


The pouch gives the baby more time to spend with his mother and allows the baby to participate in the activities of older children.carry a baby bag to push on a swing, play with some older children, and be sure to keep in touch.


The study found that babies baby carrier for newborn cried less than other babies.gentle exercise and quiet contact with the mother can soothe the baby and make them feel at ease.the baby sleeps in the pouch, the mother moves, the child can better enter the next sleep cycle.when a mother does anything, the baby can see the environment, know what the mother is doing, interact slowly with the world, and talk about what she is doing, the food she sees and the baby.


Through close ear contact, the baby can hear and learn something, and slowly begins to explore the world with his fingers and eyes. This is the early enlightenment education.

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