Do you want to know what the important items in the diaper backpack should be?

Do you want to know what the important items in the diaper backpack should be?

When you take the baby out, it's best to get everything ready. Even if you run to the store to buy a bottle of milk, be prepared. Go with your diaper bag. If you forget to bring it, you will probably think about how good it is.

For example, make sure there are a couple of clean diapers, baby handkerchiefs, diaper pads, extra clothes, lightweight blankets and a child's pacifier in a backpack. If you are feeding a baby with a bottle of milk, you need to prepare a bottle and formula for a longer time out. If you are breastfeeding a baby, you don't have to worry too much about these things. When the baby is not quiet. At this age your baby cries less, but communicates more with you. But she was still in a stage of irritability because she was a little older. You may want to try some new tricks to help her to be quiet.

Let her see the surroundings to keep her quiet. Put her in a safe place? Place where she could stare around. For example, she can see the scenery outside the window. When you hold her, make the upright knees bend and do rhythmic exercises (if you can do it right, it's good for you). Try to find a bigger sibling, or your husband, to communicate with her by singing or telling stories, or talking to your baby. Sometimes the baby communicates with different people and distracts her attention. Give her a massage. Apply the techniques described in this book and write them in the following techniques. Some of the devices can distract her. A vibrating baby seat, such as a dry-cell operation, or a baby cot that shakes.

When you get to know your baby better, you'll find out what helps her to be quiet. A baby can love a method while another baby doesn't like it!