Baby straps and carts which are better

1, the baby back bag can let the mother liberated hands to carry things or do housework. The shoulder strap design of the broadband comfort really relieves the burden on the mother. Baby strollers can't do that.

2, baby back bag Let the baby and mother 0 distance contact, more conducive to parent-child interaction, increase the baby's sense of security, so that the baby has a womb-like feeling. Unless you choose a stroller with a variable-hand handle, the baby can't see her mother in a stroller.

3, due to the use of ergonomic design, April years older than the baby in the back pocket head pillow and neck protection plate protection, will not hurt the spine, can adjust the back pocket shoulder depth with the baby's physique. And this small and medium-sized month-old baby in the cart is very difficult to sit for a long time, their spine is also difficult to withstand pressure.

4, the height of the stroller is usually similar to the height of the car exhaust pipe, in the serious pollution of the big city, pushing the baby parade is tantamount to let the baby eat waste gas. The baby's back pocket makes the baby and mother at the same height.

5, because the height of the baby stroller is too low, so the baby to see Mom and dad must raise the head, so easily by the glare of the sun hurt the eyes. Baby Back bag with shading function of the protective head hat, the baby always and mother relative height difference is not much, there is no concern.

6, the quality of the baby back bag is usually a variety of ways to use can choose: front-hugging, horizontal hug, back-type, before the first hug can be used to protect the head pillow, can also be replaced with two cross protection belt.