Baby braces, do you understand?

What is a baby belt?

Baby straps are generally held in accordance with the way and have "horizontal hug", "front hug", "front-facing", "face-to-face", "back" and other five kinds. At the same time there are different ways of holding a special, dual-use, three-purpose multi-functional straps, a wide range, but the availability of the baby will be limited by weight.

Baby Straps Advantages

Hands can be empty, action light.

Tied to the baby, the environment is not very demanding.

If it is a person with the baby to carry her back on the body, can do housework and baby communication, do not delay doing housework, also will enhance the feelings of mother.

The strap carries the baby around, which broadens his horizons, giving him more opportunities to reach out to people around him, while also promoting the development of his mental, physical, interpersonal and emotional relationships.

Will cry baby put in that front strap, let the baby feel the mother's body temperature, listen to Mother's heartbeat can effectively alleviate the crying baby. If you take the baby a few steps, perhaps not a few minutes, the baby will be in the strap to sleep peacefully.

Can hold the baby of low month age very steady. No matter how many babies are, walking is brisk.

Baby Strap Disadvantage

The time is long, mother will be very tired

The heat can't be distributed, both the baby and mother will feel hot.

Untie the trouble. Encounter stairs and escalator, difficult to operate