Changing Pads

No matter where you are, the ultimate diaper changing tool makes it easy for your baby to change diapers. Our ultra-convenient changing pads feature wipes, zipper replacement pads, built-in pillows and a translucent wiper cover that can be replenished in time. The large mesh bag holds up to four diapers, plus creams and other essentials, while the front zip pocket is perfect for keys, cell phones or other personal items.
Our changing pads are made from durable nylon fabric in a variety of stylish colors and prints to complement your favorite accessories. This changing pad comes with a zip closure and a wrist strap for easy carrying, including three inner pockets, two outer pockets for baby products or mom's essentials, and a large foldable pad.
Enter the portable replacement pad from changing pads! Keep your baby safe and clean, and have a simple, stylish way to carry diapers, wipes and any portable replacement station changing pads you need for creams and ointments to make it easier!
With an unparalleled portable structure, it's never been easier to carry your necessities with you wherever you go. Comfortable and lightweight construction with adjustable wrist and stroller straps for exceptional versatility. The replacement pad is filled so your baby feels super comfortable on any surface. It is also laminated so it is easy to clean and easier to replace without damaging the bag for durability.
You can buy the quality and customized changing pads. Our factory can offer good product for you to wholesale. We are the best changing pads suppliers in China, you can buy our product to meet your need. Welcome to contact us.
1. The lightweight combination makes it a must for travel parents.
2. Padded dressing pads are removable and can be used alone or in combination with changing pads with diapers, wipes and more.
3. Designed for those that change quickly and inevitably, the replacement pad is 100% waterproof.
4. Adjustable wrist or shoulder strap: The shoulder strap can be quickly attached to any stroller, car seat or hand.
5. The perfect gift: can be used as a gift or baby shower.
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