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Daysun Anniversary

Beautiful Office:

We dressed up our office together with the balloon,look,ten years balloon on our front desk,colorful balloon on the bar counter,2 rainbow doors with the red carpet,and No.10 .which support us celebrated our birthday in a warm,freendly and festive atmosphere.

Daysun Fashion Show

3 Performances

1- Sketch Comed ( Jorney to the West)

2- Singing a song (Tomorrow will be better) ,with best wishes to DAYSUN and Daysun partners.

3- Dancing--The youth and lively dance by two young girls, showed the vitality and passion of DAYSUN team.

Journey to the West  is  one of Chinese four famous, the master Tang-Sanzang who lead his three disciples the yen countered 81 dangers and calamities to the West and then got the true Tripitaka. We performed and believe we can try and do our best to provide high quality products and Unreserved service for our customers.

Souvenirs :

Our company provide the sliver coin printed with our company name as the gifts for every staffs and also provide the gold with red rope, gold ring and gold bracelet for 3 years&5 years and 10 years staffs.

Wishes-Gathering Album:

Everyone writes down our best wishes to DAYSUN 10th Birthday,May both DAYSUN and DAYSUN partners will be better and better in the near future.

We all believe,with our persistence and joint efforts ,DAYSUN will be getting stronger and stronger.

Stay Together

We sitting together, enjoy the buffet & chinese tea,talking together, playing together, we are family in past ten years, also in next blooming ten years. Everyday is sunny day when we are together in DAYSUN.