Baby Sling

Baby sling is designed to give your baby a sense of familiarity, keeping your baby's rhythm and breathing in the stomach to the stomach and chest to chest. It is perfectly shaped to support the developing spine and provide the necessary intimacy between parents and babies. Shaking soft, comfortable sling and mother's heartbeat and sound help calm the baby. Studies have shown that babies carrying baby slings cry less and sleep more quietly.
This premium baby sling is made from premium material blended cotton and spandex for flexibility, shock absorption and comfort. The sling is provided with a single layer of material to make the sling breathable and prevent the baby from overheating. The slightly padded side allows the shoulders to be light, providing parents with a safe, hands-free care.
The baby sling not only makes you more relaxed and comfortable in your daily life, but also contributes positively to your baby's social, emotional and physical development. The minimalist baby sling has no buckles, straps and buttons at all, so you and your baby get the perfect, comfortable fit every time they use it. Unlike some baby slings, Boba Wrap evenly distributes the baby's weight, providing excellent support for the head, neck, hips and legs without stressing the developing spine or pelvis.
Baby sling keeps your baby close to your warmth, movement, smell and heartbeat, providing soothing and natural sleep solutions. You can buy the quality and customized baby sling. Our factory can offer good product for you to wholesale. We are the best baby sling suppliers in China, you can buy our product to meet your need. Welcome to contact us.
1. No buckles, snaps or other devices.
2. Easy to knot and use ergonomic design.
3. Made of durable materials, will not loose.
4. Evenly distribute your baby's weight for better support.
5. Made of high-quality materials mixed with cotton and spandex for flexibility, shock absorption and comfort.
6. The all-in-one fits all slings, fast, simple and easy to adjust, making it easy and safe to carry your child.
7. Can be used as an ergonomic baby carrier that can release both hands, thus avoiding the huge size of the stroller when walking short distances and going to the grocery store.